A Cyberpunk JRPG

Take on the role of Noa, a hacker and veteran of the data wars. Her estranged father has gone missing, but who would kidnap an old scientist, and why? Find out in this thrilling cyberpunk adventure!


They whisper her name on the streets: Solares. A mysterious veteran of the Data Wars, she keeps the fight against the Corporations alive as a vigilante hacker-for-hire, empowering the downtrodden and undermining those with power.

When she receives an emergency message from her estranged father - the eccentric Dr. Abner Solares, whose wife’s death spurred him to become the leading researcher of ‘digital reanimation’ - Noa is thrust into a world of murder, kidnapping, dark research, and the corporation that would steal it for their own ends: Monomind.

What starts as fight to save your father will become a fight for the future of mankind itself…


“VHS era” cyberpunk world
Neon. Rain. Cityscapes.
Gritty story
Play as a hacker, fight an evil mega-corp
Turn-based cyberspace battles
Configure the loadout for your sweet cyberspace deck
Looks lovely
Modern “Hi-Bit” pixel art
Wicked soundtrack
Music by cult Drum and Bass producer Fracture
All the platforms (…maybe)
PC + Mac initially, and hopefully console later!



Jack Move is currently in development and is not yet available to play.


Edd Parris - Design, environment art and programming.

Gary Lucken - Character design and animation.

Joe Williamson - Character design and animation.

Adam Hay - Sound design.

Fracture - Music.


Inquiries: eddy@soromantic.co.uk