Can I make videos and monetize them on YouTube/Twitch/Mixer/etc?

Basically yes, as long as the content is created by yourselves from in-game footage. Please do not use footage from our trailers or other assets.

Logo assets for So Romantic and Jack Move are available here and can be used in videos.

The more offical bit…

So Romantic LTD hereby grants permission for the use of in-game video and audio to be used for “Let’s Play”, “Preview”, “Review” and/or “Commentary”-style on video sites and streaming services, including ad-supported channels and videos. Please include a credit for the game and a link to the Steam page.

Use of the soundtrack outisde of the types of video listed above is not allowed.

So Romantic LTD retains the right to revoke this license at any time.

Any questions, please feel free to email us at